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There were several Housing Areas for the U.S. personnel in the american sector of Berlin.


BB HOUSING BB Housing Area was located between Argentinische Allee in the south, Clayallee in the east, Flanaganstrasse in the north and ...

DREIPFUHL Dreipfhul Housing Area was located south of Gary Strasse next to Clayallee...

SUNDGAUER STR. The Sundgauer Family Housing Area was located between Dahlemer Weg in the west, S-Bahn station Sundgauer Str. in the north and Mühlenstr. in the south.

DÜPPEL AREA The Düppel Hosing Area was in the south/west part of Zehlendorf with the streets Charles H. King Str., Edwin C. Diltz Str. and Lissabonallee.

BASELER STR. At Baseler Str. between Finckensteinallee and Provost Marshall building there was a small family housing area.

PÜCKLER AREA Pückler Housing Area was north of BB Housing, west of Clayallee with the streets:

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